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The Self-Sufficient Backyard


How To Transform A Typical Money-Draining House Into A Tiny Profitable Off-The-Grid Homestead

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll find in The Self-Sufficient Backyard: For The Independent Homesteader

First thing you’ll find out is that all you need to be self sufficient in terms of food are just 1,020 square feet of land per person, if you follow the methods we developed. That’s less than 10% of our entire ¼ acre parcel you can see in our sketch.

We developed this plan on quarter of an acre for a family of 4 to be totally self-sufficient, and have goods to sell and sustain a healthy profit year round. But we created it in such a way that it is easy to downsize if you have less land or fewer family members.

Teaser on some of the topics this extradinary what the book covers:

– How to make a cheap water collection system

– The 7 herbs you need in your Medicinal Garden

– How to Set Up Your Backyard Hybrid Electricity System at a Low Cost and Produce Your Own Electricity

– 24-hour BIO insect control system. No pesticides in your backyard.

– How to get your own Independent Source of Water

and much more….

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